Using Nebu software in [Market Research]


Using Nebu software in


Market research helps your company to improve your services and get new insights in your target markets. Whether you are launching an ad campaign or want to test a new production line, conducting market research will help you get better results.

However, this is not an easy task. Where do you begin? You will have to adopt a methodology, design a questionnaire, collect input and find a representative sample of respondents. Sure, social media seems like an easy way to collect responses, but also suffers from time-consuming drawbacks. An easy to use and attractive survey is key for getting useful results, but how do you make one?

Nebu software can help you do just that, as it is designed to overcome problems related to market research. Integrating a comprehensive approach to data, the software will help you get useful results from your market research projects.

It does not rely on social media for data collection and it can check a sample of respondents, which can help you conduct international surveys using an easy to use multilingual system and works both online and offline on all devices.


 Comprehensive and intuitive software


A more refined data collection tool is Nebu survey, an innovative piece of software which is designed to be comprehensive and easy to use. It is different from other survey tools, because survey design and personalized advice are prioritized over tech support and customer care. Correct survey design is a delicate matter, which requires expertise for optimal results. The software is made for a world that is constantly in motion, which is why it can be easily used on mobile devices.

Time is an important factor to people and, together with an aversion to tedious tasks, can prevent them from responding to a survey. They may have many things to say about your products or services, but they need to be motivated to produce a response. Using game-mechanics and other similar elements in survey design can help increase responses and keep lengthy or tedious surveys interesting enough for people to finish them.

Using an innovative and thought out approach can help solve market research problems, which becomes even easier when you use dedicated programs that were developed to help you do just that. However, by adapting a new approach to market research questionnaires, it is likely you will have to face different challenges.


Working on your survey design


Most survey software platforms don’t get involved with their clients design. While they do offer technical support, they are generally not equipped to deal with in-depth questions or able to provide feedback to designs made with their software.

Surveys can get pretty complicated, depending on the methodology, strategy and size. Depending on what you are conducting a survey on, there may be quite a few things you’ll want to adjust. Nebu software helps you work around the negative parts, while allowing you to independently build your own survey.


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